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BlackBerry also believes that making stuff gold is the answer to all sales problems

You might have seen that the new Blackberry phone, the Passport, has been released, although not to any great critical acclaim.

Indeed, some reviewers have been rather unimpressed, perhaps because it has rather too many quirks about it as our reviewer observed – the form factor probably being the biggest problem, in that it's a large, square phone (it's certainly different, you've got to give it that).

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And of course there's the small matter that Blackberry's mobile business might not be dead in the water just yet, but it's doing a very good impression of flailing about and drowning.

So maybe a gold edition will help the new Passport sell, right? Well, maybe not – it's unlikely to have as much of an effect as when Apple introduced the gold colour to the iPhone.

At any rate, the rumour is that BlackBerry intends to produce a gold edition to go alongside the existing black and white colours, as a snap of the phone has appeared on CrackBerry. Whether this is an official model from BlackBerry, or some kind of third-party custom job isn't yet clear, though – so we'll have to wait for the official word.

But the gold Passport does actually look very smart, we have to say. Not that this would persuade us to take up with a square handset... but as ever, your mileage may vary, and the phone does have some tempting aspects for business users (including excellent battery life).

Image Credit: CrackBerry