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Bomgar provides remote access solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices. The company’s appliance-based products provide organisations with a secure way to grant system access to employees, vendors and outsourcers, no matter what device they are using or where they are located.

Bomgar addresses the crucial security requirements of granular permissions and capturing a complete audit trail within a single solution that works with a wide array of operating systems and configurations. Bomgar acts as a centralised proxy for internal and third-party access throughout your enterprise, without the need to deploy hardware to every network segment.

• Control what systems can be accessed, when and from where. Bomgar enables secure, auditable, cross-platform remote access for employees and third-parties who need to regularly access your systems.

• Integrate with your existing identity management processes. Bomgar seamlessly integrates with two-factor authentication and identity management solutions, such as Active Directory, to increase access security.

• Collaborate with external subject matter experts within a remote support session to resolve incidents faster.

• Audit all remote access activity with full video recordings. With session recording, you can track every action by your vendors within a remote support session, including who is controlling the mouse and keyboard at any given time during the support session.

More than 8,500 organisations across 65 countries have deployed Bomgar to rapidly improve customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs. Bomgar is privately held with offices in Jackson, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Paris, London and Frankfurt.

Office Suite 4
33-44 Spittal Street

Telephone: +44 01628480222