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Bull Information Systems Ltd

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Our mission is to be a European leader in mission-critical digital systems. As a trusted business partner, Bull helps its customers seize the opportunities of the digital revolution, while managing the inherent risks.

Effectively combining processing power and security, Bull designs, implements and runs internationally renowned solutions for public and private sector organisations alike, that transform information systems into positive drivers for excellence, differentiation and value-creation.

In the UK, Bull employs over 250 staff, based at its registered office in Hemel Hempstead, and regional offices across the UK and Ireland. Bull UK has more than 40 years heritage of designing, building and operating mission-critical systems. Bull is uniquely positioned as a technology integrator exclusively focussed on the mid to high enterprise market. A wide range of private sector customers is supported along with many notable public sector clients within the Local Authority and Higher Education sectors where we are best known.

As an architect of tailor-made solutions Bull provides:
•Virtualisation to unlock business value
•Information storage optimisation
•Cloud-based readiness and deployment
•Role-based access control and identity management
•Business led IT transformation and outsourcing

As a manufacturer, Bull is unique in offering the worlds's fastest VMware server: novascale bullion. The first to use native VMware technology, the bullion server was designed by Bull specifically for the virtualisation of critical enterprise applications. With bullion you can scale beyond industry 4 or 8-way Intel server limits to 12 or 16-way configurations. bullion is more than twice as powerful as the fastest IBM System x3850 servers, and delivers 47% more power then the fastest of the HP DL980 servers. This means you can easily adapt your infrastructure to meet the ever-changing demands of applications operating in Cloud mode. The key characteristics of this platform enable you to bring together applications and databases within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to build a Private Cloud that will transform your data centre operation.

Innovation is the heartbeat of everything Bull does. Transformation drives all of Bull’s outsourcing and managed services, with leading expertise in business outcome propositions. Critical infrastructure and multi-vendor support services are maintained nationwide for high-availability business systems. World-class extreme computing for national research, defence, and digital simulation for industry are delivered by Bull’s European designed supercomputers.

Bull Information Systems Ltd
Maxted Road
Hemel Hempstead

Telephone: 0870 240 0040