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CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world's leading technology management service providers in the IT, telecommunication, industry and healthcare sectors, without being tied to any manufacturers or banks. With some 800 employees, CHG-MERIDIAN provides full support for its customers' technology infrastructures, from consulting, financial and operational services, on to remarketing services for used equipment through its own Technology and Service Centre. CHG-MERIDIAN offers efficient technology management for large- and medium-sized companies and public authorities. It serves over 8,000 customers worldwide with technology investments of more than EUR 3.5 billion. More than 1,600 of those customers also make use of TESMA© Online, a Technology and Service Management System, giving complete control of their technology portfolio. The company operates in 33 locations across 19 countries worldwide, with its headquarters in Weingarten, southern Germany.

Efficient Technology Management by CHG-MERIDIAN®

Barons Court, 22 The Avenue

Telephone: 01784470701