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Concurrent Thinking Ltd

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Concurrent Thinking’s Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) product suite, Concurrent COMMAND, saves money by reducing risk, delivering significant operational efficiencies and cutting energy costs.

It's a unique, easy-to-use and modular DCIM solution that allows you to manage all your data centre facility and IT assets within a single framework.

How is our DCIM solution different?

Scalability in DCIM is a fundamental requirement; Concurrent COMMAND inherently manages hundreds of thousands of metrics every 15 seconds. This provides invaluable support to your business as you increase the number of sites, devices, racks, servers and virtual machines that you manage.

It supports your entire existing and future infrastructure and utilises industry standard protocols such as Modbus, SNMP, WMI, IPMI and 1-wire technology, as well as key vendor-specific protocols, such as Intel Node Manager.

It’s vendor neutral and truly customisable, allowing you to customise Concurrent COMMAND to meet your specific needs and to monitor and control virtually all third party devices through an extensible scripting interface.

Drive savings of over 20% with Concurrent COMMAND

Our customers measure their return on investment in months rather than years. Typically reported energy savings and improved operational efficiencies are over 20% and often significantly higher.

A modular DCIM solution that grows with you

Our modular licensing approach caters for the DCIM needs of SMEs, corporate data centres, colocation providers and cloud providers alike. It allows you to choose the modules that meet your current budget and requirements while being able to scale up your service as required.

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