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Diamond Point

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Diamond Point continue to push the performance barrier for storage and infrastructure where high IOP's and low latency are important issues to resolve. We will display a range of high performance storage from Fusion io, Huawei and Violin. This storage portfolio is backed up by our equally preformant infrastructure products from Solarflare GEN 3 10G Ethernet adaptors and Gnodal's super high performance switches deemed by many to be the fastest in the world. Falconstor SW products and NSS servers enable seamless integration into existing infrastructures enabling cost effective management and allowing slower incumbent equipment to work side by side thus extending its life for more mundane activities. DPI continue their performance message with highly automated backup products from Unitrends and Gridstore. Last but not least after solving problems with-in the DC our partner Masergy help many of the world’s leading companies solve their global networking problems having built from the ground up a global network to support real-time converged business applications that can be tailored very specifically to our clients private global networking needs.

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