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DiskShred is a market leader in the field of secure media destruction. We provide an on-site service for our clients who require the disposal of a wide variety of media types including hard drives (PC/Server/Laptop), back-up tapes (DLT/DAT), CDs, FDs, USB sticks, mobile phones etc. Being an enviromentally aware business we recycle the debris of your shredded equipment and achieve close to 95% recovery from hard drive shredding.

We understand our customers need to adhere to a range of both industry and country specific regulatory requirements for the secure disposal of confidential information. DiskShred delivers this assurance to its customers and provides a clear audit trail for the destruction of all media types. We have developed a custom designed asset management tool to provide full end-to-end tracking of individual media items and detailed asset destruction reports.

1210 Parkview
Arlington Business Park
Theale, Reading

Telephone: 08000805083