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End-to-end analysis of complex IT networks at the click of a button - Docusnap provides sustainable solutions that enable organisations in the mid-market to realise substantial cost savings by reducing the time and resources they have to spend on compiling IT documentation.

The software provides organisations with comprehensive up-to-date IT documentation for their Windows, Linux, and Mac environments, greatly reducing the complex processes and time required to acquire this information, and quickly and simply generating inventories and visual documentation of the relationships between hardware, software, processes and systems.

Docusnap also helps organisations to document and analyse permissions in Windows file systems, Exchange environments and SharePoint installations, ensuring that only employees with the appropriate level of seniority or security clearance have access to and control of particular files or applications. This is especially important for organisations that handle sensitive customer data. Licence management is also covered by the Docusnap software. Docusnap compares installed software with the licence agreements in place, in order to detect over- or under-licensing and manage software updates, permission analysis, visualization of IT concepts and relations, managing IT assets and licence renewals.

Docusnap’s software was named “Innovation Product of the Year 2008” and “Best of 2012” by the German SMB Initiative.

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