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Eclipse Internet is a multi service connectivity and communications specialist delivering business critical services from Broadband and Bonded DSL to Leased Lines, Managed WANs and Cloud.

What makes us different is that we start by finding out what technology is available where you are and what you need to achieve from your solution. Flexible, scalable and straightforward, our services deliver on business needs in an ever changing technological and business playing field.

As a specialist in the SME market, we know that flexibility, support and a depth of understanding is crucial. We believe one of the reasons we are experts in our field is because our relationship with customers drives our product range forward.

In recent years Eclipse has also invested heavily in supporting the Partner and Referrer Channels. By providing a truly broad range of solutions, Eclipse is able to provide 300 Partners (and counting) connectivity solutions to suit all types of business requirements.

Osprey House
Osprey Road

Telephone: 01392 333329