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ExaGrid Systems Inc

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ExaGrid EX Series – Solving the Backup Challenge Forever

ExaGrid Systems is relied on by thousands of customers to solve their backup problems, effectively and permanently. ExaGrid's disk based, scale-out GRID architecture constantly adjusts to incessant growing data backup demands, and is the only solution that combines compute with capacity to permanently shorten backup windows and eliminate expensive forklift upgrades. With ExaGrid, you get the only disk backup appliance purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimised for backup and restore performance, scalability, and price.

ExaGrid’s unique scale-out architecture provides significant lifetime value and investment protection that no other architecture can match, allowing ExaGrid to make five vital commitments to its customers:

• The shortest backup window
• No backup window growth regardless of data growth
• Fastest restores, tape copies, and recovery from a disaster
• VM instant recoveries in minutes
• Lowest cost solution up front and over time with no forklift upgrades or obsolescence, and our price guarantee.

Our patented zone-level deduplication reduces the disk space needed by a range of 10:1 to 50:1. Post-process deduplication delivers the fastest backups, and as your data grows, only ExaGrid avoids expanding backup windows by adding full servers in a GRID.

ExaGrid’s unique landing zone keeps a full un-deduplicated copy of the most recent backup on disk, delivering the fastest restores, instant VM recovery, “Instant DR” and fast tape copy. And, as data grows, ExaGrid saves you in total system costs compared to competitive solutions by avoiding costly “forklift” upgrades.

ExaGrid Systems Inc
2000 West Park Drive

Telephone: 001-508-898-2872 x539