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ExtraHop Networks

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ExtraHop Networks brings much-needed innovation to the application performance management (APM) market. The agentless, network-based ExtraHop system is specifically engineered to meet the performance monitoring needs of IT Operations teams who must manage numerous applications in increasingly heterogeneous, modular, and dynamic environments.

Unlike legacy APM approaches, the ExtraHop system offers unmatched scalability and immediate visibility for all applications with a cost-effective and non-invasive deployment model. This network-based approach to APM provides unique advantages:

•Uses zero system resources and never perturbs the systems being monitored
•Views the network, web servers, application servers, databases, and storage systems as one integral delivery system
•Scales and dynamically adjusts to changes in the IT environment including application updates, virtual machine migration, and physical infrastructure changes
•Proactively warns of potential problems before they impact users or business operations
•Offers value to the entire IT organization, not just specialist teams

The health and performance information needed to manage business-critical applications is available on the wire. No other solution has been able to effectively tap into this rich source of performance data. Engineered by the lead architects of F5 Networks’ TMOS platform and BIG-IP, the ExtraHop system performs the most sophisticated transaction analysis capabilities of any network-based APM solution, and is able to extract L2–L7 metrics from hundreds of thousands of transactions simultaneously and in real time. In addition to L2–L4 device- and network-level metrics, the ExtraHop system analyzes critical L7 application-level metrics for unmatched application awareness from a network-based solution. Learn more at

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