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Geode Networks Ltd

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Geode Networks are an independent and innovative engineering & professional services consulting company, providing wireless and fixed network solutions to customers and partners from diverse industries and market verticals.Developing and supporting channels and end users in the take up and use of innovative technologies.

Geode Networks provide a range of services to blue-chip vendors, global consultancies and enterprises.

Our unique understanding of the requirements of application delivery over multiple transport layers and technologies including LAN, WAN and wireless infrastructures and the challenges faced in delivering a seamless service over these has driven our success.

Geode has become a major player as a “Boutique” style consulting company by combining the skills of its four largest business areas:
- Wireless & Wired infrastructure
- Voice
- Security
- LAN & WAN Network and Application performance

Multiple priorities, tight timescales, technical capabilities and sufficient resources are but some of the challenges which prevent organisations effectively implementing new business enhancing solutions. Geode Networks with its comprehensive experience in taking latest technology products to market, offer businesses and organisations the ability and peace of mind in taking advantage of the latest mobile technology. In short, Geode Networks ensures proper end-to-end technically integrated control, evaluation and managed support.

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