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Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric - see it all, control it all.

Gigamon Visibility Fabric puts you in complete command of your network. It enables you to modify, prioritise and direct traffic, according to its value and importance, to your management and security tools. And you can do this across physical and virtual networks, centrally and in real-time.

Gigamon Visibility Fabric enables you to see everything and miss nothing, and it saves you money. It enables you to re-route traffic to tools that are being under-utilised throughout your network, and its pervasive technology enables you to extend the reach of the network tools you already own. That means you don’t need to keep adding more complexity and operating costs as your network grows.

Gigamon Visibility Fabric improves decision making too. The highly detailed information it gathers, in real-time, from every part of your network enables you to make faster and more informed decisions. As a result, you achieve greater performance, agility and control, with reduced risk.
Fewer tools, lower costs, greater control, that’s what you’ll see with Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric. All you have to do is look.

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