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Guess the one reason employers won't let you bring your own PC to work

According to a survey of IT decision makers commissioned by efficiency software specialist 1E and carried out by Vanson Bourne 86 per cent of companies that ban employees from using their own PCs do so because of security concerns.

To address these fears 1E is launching its new MyWorkNow solution, a client-hosted virtual desktop (CHVD) to offer a fast, low-cost way of mobilising workforces using their own PCs.

The virtual desktop runs locally on the host PC and by using the enterprise's chosen desktop management framework, such as Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), MyWorkNow eliminates the need for additional hardware and central infrastructure.

It allows enterprise security to be delivered to any PC or Mac with 4GB or more of RAM. Using a FastBoot technology it streams the MyWorkNow desktop in real time as the machine starts up, allowing fast access to the corporate desktop and offline capability if required.

MyWorkNow delivers secure authentication and a 256 AES encrypted local image on a user's own hardware. There’s a remote wipe functionality, which enables an IT department to immediately deactivate MyWorkNow on a user's PC if it's lost or the employee leaves. It also provides default client security, which controls employee opportunities to copy or paste in or out, file drag or drop, or copy intellectual property to a USB drive. Thus ensuring that corporate data is encrypted and secured at the user endpoint.

Other findings of the survey include that more than a quarter of respondents currently don't have a formal policy in place for personal desktop/laptop PC use. More than a third of IT decision-makers prohibit BYOPC because of the associated needs to support and track software usage on personal devices. Yet 11 per cent reported that despite the business not allowing it, employees used their own PCs to access work anyway.

84 per cent of IT decision-makers allow email access from personal devices, while only 52 per cent allow access to hosted applications.

"Employees and organisations will both benefit from the BYOPC movement as evidenced by the Vanson Bourne survey," says Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E. "MyWorkNow addresses the security concerns that have historically been the deterrent for adopting a BYOPC policy. Not only does it help IT departments sleep better at night knowing they have full control, but it also enables them to run IT for less".

To find out more you can register for a joint Forrester/1E webinar to be held on on Oct 16 or visit the 1E website.

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