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Heywood is a new, state-of-the-art data centre facility based in the Isle of Man. Powered by Wi-Manx, our new facility features the latest generation of redundant power systems, cooling technology, access control, high-speed connectivity options and server systems. We offer a comprehensive range of network and hosting solutions from Platform Services which include cloud, dedicated, collocation, hybrid, and website hosting, to Managed Services which include DDoS protection, data storage and protect, DNS hosting, monitoring, voice, network, patching software, and security – all using the very latest technology.

With a triple-A economy, a very stable government, low crime rates, and power supply from its own power plant and the national grid, the Isle of Man is a safe haven for your data. In addition we have two very resilient fibre optic links off the island to the mainland and there are no latency problems with the speed of connection.

So whether you’re looking for a high availability, disaster recovery, remote working, high-speed connectivity, compliance, or offshore solution, visit and put your data in safe hands.

Heywood House
Ridgeway Street

Telephone: 01624 641188