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Lakeside Software

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Lakeside, the industry‐leading IT Business Intelligence company, empowers organizations to innovate and accelerate by providing essential insight for IT decisions. By generating the big data, analysis and recommendations critical for IT decision support, Lakeside increases the velocity and agility of IT to enhance end‐user computing and line‐of‐business satisfaction. Lakeside is the premier data aggregation and interpretation software development company focusing on augmenting and automating IT business decision‐making.

SysTrack gives IT professionals the actionable intelligence to effectively manage IT transformation projects. With superior data, IT makes smarter decisions that enhance user experience and productivity, improve IT efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. SysTrack’s patented and massively scalable DataMine™ distributed relational database architecture aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization.

Lakeside's HQ is in Bloomfield Hils in Michigan, USA and its EMEA HQ is in Windsor, UK. Established in 1997 Lakeside is now monitoring over 3 million desktops and servers delivering billions of data points every day to customers ranging from hundreds of end points to nearly 400,000.

59-60 Thames Street

Telephone: +44 1753 272360