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Mutiny Technology

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Mutiny is a network appliance that uses industry standard SNMP to gather information from IT Infrastructure, process and display the results in a multi-user web front-end that allows administrators and managers alike to quickly asses the health of their estate.

Mutiny Limited was founded at the very end of 2000 as a spin-off from Manchester University's "Manchester Computing" laboratory. The focus of the business is to develop and bring to market, software that comprises the "Mutiny Critical Services Monitoring Appliance" and associated products. The company spent its first year based at Manchester University before successfully securing venture-capital funding at the end of 2001. The offices moved to London and the company embarked on a three-year joint venture with Toshiba Systems which led to Mutiny supplying software to power the "Toshiba Network Monitor". Following Toshiba's major restructuring in 2004, Mutiny began to supply network-monitoring systems through the IT reseller channel and directly to end customers in the UK and Germany. The business model today evolves around four product offerings including Solo Appliances and a "White Label" core technology integration for other IT management platforms.

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