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Pluribus Networks

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Pluribus Networks is bringing virtualization to the network. We have the industry’s first and only bare metal, distributed network hypervisor, Netvisor. Combined with our unique hardware architecture featuring merchant silicon powered networking fused with server class CPU, memory and storage, Netvisor allows true programmatic visibility and control over the network for the first time.

Netvisor enables a unique fabric-cluster which provides a single point of visibility and management for the entire network. Beyond reducing network management overhead and complexity, the fine grained visibility and control enabled by Netvisor enables new applications like inNetwork Analytics. Instead of building a parallel monitoring network, the network itself records traffic enabling later analysis via CLI/scripting or exporting data to any analytics package.

With a turn key version of OpenStack packaged with Netvisor, our network computing appliances can also play the role of cloud controller in a box. This converges OpenStack controller and Top of Rack switch, reducing complexity and saving valuable rack space for production instead of overhead.

Similarly, the Pluribus platform enables robust L4-7/NFV services, allowing multiple services to run on a single network computing appliance. This allows applications visibility into and control over the network via standard Unix-type APIs. Additionally, when applications are run on the Pluribus, there is no need for external servers, which reduces rack use and helps contain network complexity, factors which drive down OPEX.

At Pluribus, we are bringing the power of virtualization combined with server-style economics to the network, driving down costs while bringing valuable new capabilities to the network.

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