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RedSeal Networks

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RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of proactive enterprise security management solutions that enable organizations to continually assess and fortify their cyber-defenses while automating compliance. Unlike systems that detect cyber-attacks once they occur, RedSeal helps enterprises identify, understand and act to reduce holes in their security infrastructure before an attack occurs. The RedSeal platform enables businesses and government agencies to visualize, model and analyze complex network and security control interactions across their entire network of firewalls, routers, load balancers and hosts. RedSeal delivers an in-depth understanding of security performance along with continuous monitoring of the critical controls that mitigate operational risk in today’s dynamic network infrastructures. RedSeal offers security intelligence and situational awareness, insights into enterprise vulnerabilities and threats, and actionable best practices that help network, security, compliance and audit teams accelerate regulatory compliance and proactively eliminate risks associated with cybertheft and cyberespionage. For more information, visit RedSeal at

3965 Freedom Circle
Suite 800
Santa Clara, CA

Telephone: +1 408 641 2200