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Report shows QA budget is now being spent primarily on new apps, not legacy software

Capgemini has just published its sixth World Quality Report in conjunction with its local professional services division Sogeti, along with HP, which examines the state of application quality testing across the globe.

And the headline news from the study, which took in the views of 1,543 CIOs, IT Directors and "testing leaders" from some 25 countries, is that for the first time ever, the majority of the money is going into development of new apps rather than the maintenance of existing ones.

Capgemini found that 52 per cent of the IT budget for QA was now being spent on expansion and developing new mobile and big data applications, as opposed to keeping legacy apps ticking along. That's up from a figure of 41 per cent back in 2012.

The new arenas which businesses are particularly interested in developing are big data and analytics, which hoovered up 40 per cent of the testing budget for new projects, and fresh cloud initiatives which accounted for 27 per cent.

It's good to hear that on the whole, the average spend on quality assurance has risen as a total percentage of the IT budget, from 23 per cent last year, to 26 per cent in 2014 (with a projected increase to 29 per cent by 2017).

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This underlines the fact that businesses are recognising that stamping out software bugs is imperative, as negative online and social media feedback can get quickly out of hand these days – and reputations can be seriously damaged.

More companies are adopting agile delivery methods, too, with 93 per cent of respondents saying they used agile methods with new development projects (up from 83 per cent last year).

After a decline in 2013, cloud adoption for testing purposes is back into growth territory, with the amount of testing carried out in the cloud up from 24 per cent last year to 32 per cent (with a projected growth to 49 per cent by 2017).

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Govind Muthukrishnan, Senior Vice President and Testing Global Service Line Leader at Capgemini, commented: "Testing as a function is becoming ever more business critical to organisations faced with external market forces that drive digital transformation. These market forces include changes in customer behaviour, heightened global competition, the need to provide an all-channel experience, rapid adoption of social media channels, increased data volumes and the advancement of technologies such as cloud and mobile."

He added: "Readers of this year's report will see that Testing organisations are increasingly focused on taking advantage of these new market dynamics to deliver tangible business value in the shortest time possible while optimising testing costs."

You can check out the report in full here.