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RES Software

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Since being founded in 1999, RES Software has become the leader in making IT organisations 10x more productive at delivering IT services and managing user workspaces. The company develops technology aimed at:

•Creating value and making a difference for IT organisations

•Unlocking the full potential of IT people

•Driving better IT operational excellence

As a pioneer in the workspace virtualisation category, RES Software enables you to centrally deliver, manage and secure the key elements of your user’s computing experience, independently of workstyle and device. With 170 employees worldwide, RES Software serves more than 2,700 customers with more than 3,500 deployments in 27 different countries. RES Software prides itself on continued innovation. The company currently holds 11 patents for unique technology that helps IT departments increase their productivity each day.

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RES Software United Kingdom
Quatro House
Frimley Road
Camberley, Surrey

Telephone: +44 (0)845 838 5558