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Riverbed Technology

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Riverbed’s performance platforms acts as the healthcare provider for IT; we prevent, diagnose and cure many issues that impair the smooth running of IT and the experience encountered by users.

Enterprises choose Riverbed Technology to help with initiatives such as virtualisation, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery, without fear of compromising performance.

When organisations consolidate IT and move to cloud environments, the distance created between users and their data often results in high latency and reduced bandwidth. Riverbed® WAN optimisation, performance management, and cloud storage solutions enable enterprises to overcome these drawbacks. At Riverbed we make it easy to understand, optimise, and accelerate IT, so that organisations can build a fast, fluid, and dynamic IT architecture.

The Riverbed performance platform includes:

• WAN Optimisation product family — including physical appliances, Cloud, Virtual and Mobile — boosts network throughput and application performance by up to 100 times. The applications we accelerate include file sharing, email, backup, document management systems, IT tools, and ERP and CRM solutions.

• Branch virtual server infrastructure extend WAN optimisation capabilities to allow for consolidation and management of all edge servers into the data centre;

• Performance Management allows for performance monitoring, management and analysis for both enterprise customers and service providers across the network, appliances and the user experience;

• Riverbed’s virtual application delivery controller is designed to make applications operate faster, reliable, and secure;

• Cloud storage gateway facilitates data protection and streamline operations by eliminating tape, improving DR readiness, and reducing costs by 30% to 50%.

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