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Streamcore an Orsyp company is a global provider of visibility and dynamic performance control solutions to manage application and VoIP delivery over the WAN. Streamcore products enable enterprises to benefit from all-in-one visibility -network, applications and VoIP- real-time monitoring and advanced on-demand reporting from a single centralized management console.

Thanks to Streamcore, IT departments can:
-Guarantee 100% availability of business critical applications, VoIP and video
-Ensure efficient use of network resources, by decreasing the need to provision excess bandwidth as an insurance against application performance issues
-Troubleshoot any performance degradation
-Ensure fast consolidation of data centers in the case of a corporate merge or purchase
-Serenely manage the WAN over the private and public cloud, MPLS lines or the internet

At IPEXPO, Streamcore will be showing StreamGroomers which regulate the traffic exchanged between LAN and WAN networks. Traffic is monitored and controlled according to network, application, VoIP and video rules specified by the administrator. Each appliance is seamlessly integrated in series between the LAN and the router and has an automatic bypass feature to ensure that it remains transparent in the rare event of a failure. Benefits include :
-Flow analysis and management according to network, application, VoIP and video rules set by the administrator
-Seamless integration inline between the LAN and the router
-Integrated bypass
-Administration via a dedicated Ethernet port
-Initial configuration with a USB key or a asynchronous port
-Supports complex architectures: 802.1Q trunk VLAN, refundant access with asymetric traffic
-Multi-tenant capabilities

117 Waterloo Business Center
Waterloo Road

Telephone: 0207 922 5777