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Upside Energy Ltd

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The electricity grid is under stress. At peak times, it runs close to capacity – creating risks of blackouts, increasing the cost of electricity and driving up use of dirty, carbon-emitting generation.

National Grid addresses this problem by paying large energy users to reduce demand during peaks. But why should only the big players benefit?

Upside opens up that market. We pay organisations of all sizes to reduce energy usage at peak times.

We do that by operating a cloud service that coordinates the charge/discharge cycles of batteries attached to Uninterruptible Power Supplies, PV arrays, etc. This creates a “virtual energy store” that we sell to National Grid to help balance supply and demand.

We distribute 75% of that income to the battery owner, enabling you to generate a new revenue stream from an existing asset. We also reduce your carbon footprint. And we test your battery regularly, ensuring it’s there when you need it.

Upside never uses more than 20% of a battery’s capacity, so its primary mission is never compromised. (Most UPS operate at about 50% of design load: we leave a large margin for safety.)

Upside was a finalist in the Nesta Dynamic Demand Challenge and the Citymart Londoners Beating the Electricity Challenge. We're part of the EU's Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. Development of our technology is being funded by the Technology Strategy Board, where we're leading a consortium including Siemens, Sharp and University of Manchester.

Earn money from your UPS. Green the grid. Visit Upside.

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Telephone: 07971 546288