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VA Technologies

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VA Technologies designs and builds high performance IT infrastructure.

VA Technologies is a leader in accelerating businesses via unique blend of Open Enterprise Solutions, Leading Edge Technologies, Adaptive Consultancy, and Deep Technical Understanding.

We specialize in providing cost effective solutions designed and optimized for the Enterprise.

We believe these should be based around open technologies and commodity platforms to deliver the promise of high performance and scalability that is required in the modern data center.

We work with our clients to identify and integrate the right solution for them using the latest technology as well as passionately share our knowledge about enterprise solutions from our partners to give the VA Technologies Value Add through our unique consultative approach.

We are UK based and support a wide range of customers from our location in Hertfordshire. We provide both remote and on-site engineers not just trained with the products we supply, but with real world experience to deliver the right solutions to your problems.

Through long-term investment in our own VA Labs, we love deep diving into a new technology and we aim to really have a really deep technical understanding of a solution. Each solution goes through rigorous testing and validation before adding it to our repertoire.

System House
Unit 23 Henlow Camp Trading Estate
Off Hitchin Road
Henlow Camp, Bedfordshire

Telephone: 0844 65 65 659