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allpay launches rewarding mobile offering for social housing tenants

Social housing tenants have a new pay-as-you-go mobile phone option that aims to help them save for rent by offering incentives to those that top up mobiles on a regular basis.

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allpay Mobile’s new SIM card offers social housing tenants the chance to earn a 10 per cent loyalty bonus every time a top-up is made with tenants able to keep their handset and mobile number, if desired.

“We believe the scheme has a significant role to play through welfare reform, which has resulted in many tenants having their benefits cut and leaving landlords with more rent to collect. The scheme is very complementary to the services allpay already provides - not only do we now provide the widest range of ways for residents to pay their bills, but a way for them to save towards them too,” said allpay MD Tony Killeen.

When a top-up is made an amount if automatically applied to the rent account of the user in question, for example £1 will be added to the account if the top up amount is £10 and vice versa.

The service, which has been launched in conjunction with ET Telecomm, includes free calls between allpay Mobile customers and all members of the same household can apply loyalty bonuses to the same rent account.

allpay Mobile’s original pilot lasted for nine months and involved various housing associations across the UK including Shoreline Housing Partnership, which was particularly happy with the way it helped communities.

"allpay Mobile enables us to offer our tenants a great way to save money on their rent, helping us give back to our community,” added Kristina Parker, from Shoreline Housing Partnership.

When housing associations and local authorities sign up to the scheme they are provided with a range of promotional materials as well as their own mobile web pages to encourage the uptake of new handsets and special offers.

Image Credit: Flickr (Alan Denney)