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EE to offer TV service for free to customers with mobile and broadband subscriptions

EE has decided it will add TV to its range of offerings, with its own set-top box built around Freeview to go alongside its mobile, landline and broadband services.

The Telegraph reports that EE's box of TV tricks (which will be manufactured by Netgem) will offer over 70 Freeview channels at its core, along with catch-up TV including the Beeb's iPlayer, Demand Five, and the wonderful world of YouTube too.

There will also be a large slab of on-demand programmes and movies, indeed around 10,000 flicks and TV shows, though exactly what will be amongst that lot isn't clear yet.

EE hopes to differentiate the service by pushing a mobile angle, with users able to watch not just on their HDTV, but also smartphones and tablets – with up to three mobile devices able to be hooked up to use the service when you're on the go. It will also mean if your partner is watching something you don't like on the TV, you can grab your tablet and tune into another programme on the slate.

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The other compelling side of this offering is that it will be free for new and existing EE mobile customers who also subscribe to EE broadband plans of £9.95 a month or above.

That will be quite an incentive to bring subscribers into the broadband fold, and of course, EE will be able to make further money off them when it comes to charging for the on-demand shows and films.

The set-top box is expected to be officially unveiled at some point later today.