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Facebook is preparing to release app allowing anonymous posting

Facebook is apparently readying an app which will allow you to post anonymously.

While this won't affect the social network itself as such, it will give members an outlet where they can do what the rest of the internet does – post anything they want and not worry about the repercussions (well, to an extent, of course).

The app will be a standalone affair that will allow for posting under a different name other than your real moniker ("trollhard266", perhaps), according to the New York Times, who spoke to two people in the know.

The move follows the success of anonymous communication apps such as Secret and Whisper, although as we noted in a previous article, don't think that the anonymity afforded by these apps is cast iron by any means – particularly not if any authorities come knocking for user data.

Apparently the app has been headed up by Product Manager Josh Miller, and has been worked on for about the last year or so in "different forms", the New York Times notes.

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There are still a lot of big question marks about exactly how the app will tie in with the main Facebook site, and how things like existing networks of friends will work when it comes to an anonymous offering.

It's far from the first time Facebook has tried to push out a standalone app, and the company hasn't had a huge deal of success – Slingshot, the Snapchat rival, didn't hit the mark – aside from Messenger (though it pretty much forced that on users, of course, and many folks aren't keen on the thing).

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The new anonymous posting app is expected to be released in the "coming weeks", apparently.