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iPhone and iPad users shun iOS 8 following shaky launch

When it comes to iOS 8 adoption, things are looking rather shaky for Apple at the moment, with a lot of folks seemingly holding back from upgrading to the new OS.

iOS 8 first emerged on 17 September, and as of 5 October, two and a half weeks after its release, the adoption rate is 47 per cent according to the stats from Apple's App Store Distribution page (highlighted by C-Net).

But the really worrying figure is that the adoption figure was shown to be 46 per cent on 21 September – so there's only been a 1 per cent increase in the last fortnight, which seems very off.

Granted, there is a clear reason for this – the amount of problems iOS 8 has caused has been substantial. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues have been reported, and various bugs plus broken apps, with a botched 8.0.1 patch that destroyed more than it fixed hardly helping Apple's cause.

The removal of features like the camera roll hasn't helped either – though that's rumoured to return with iOS 8.1 (at least in some form). Perhaps folks, having heard that version 8.1 is due soon, are simply waiting for that upgrade, and for Apple to get its act together fixing everything and smoothing features over.

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Of course, these stats only take into account the iPhone and iPad users who are visiting the Apple App Store, so not everyone, but of course that will be a large and very representative slice of the user base.

iOS 8.1 should be out in the next week or two, bringing Apple Pay live with it in the US, and it will be interesting to see how adoption picks up from there. We're betting there will be a sizeable spike as the holdouts finally take the plunge.

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If it's to match iOS 7, iOS 8 will need to hit 78 per cent adoption by the close of the year.