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New partnership makes it easier to accept bitcoin payments

Whilst virtual currency bitcoin has soared in popularity in recent times it still isn't an option when it comes to buying good and services from many mainstream merchants.

That could be about to change thanks to a new partnership between SaaS mobile marketing and customer service provider Acromobile and ecommerce platform Bitnet.

Acromobile Payments will integrate the Bitnet platform to make bitcoin acceptance available to any merchant in a fully integrated order-to-bitcoin-to-cash solution with easy integration into existing CRM and ERP systems.

"Bitcoin is tailor-made for the Internet," says Alain Gendre, VP of Alliances at Bitnet. "No fraud, no risk, no borders, and lower fees than the most common current payment methods. And bitcoin acceptance is only going to grow; we’re seeing merchants who are early adopters of bitcoin reporting that they’ve increased sales and added a new base of customers. We're excited to partner with Acromobile in providing merchants with the ability to accept bitcoin payments".

Black Friday in 2013 saw total bitcoin transaction volume exceed $487 million (£386 million), making it the fifth largest payment network on the day behind only Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and China UnionPay, and ahead of Discover and PayPal. It's clear therefore that accepting bitcoin payments has benefits for retailers.

"With companies like Dell and eBay already accepting Bitcoin, the demand from B2B and B2C merchants is really accelerating," says Jason Masciarelli, founder of Acromobile. "With Bitnet we are able to deliver an integrated CRM and commerce platform to unlock the bitcoin opportunity for merchants with no risk and have them get paid in their local currency".

Acromobile Payments includes CRM features for easy management of customer profiles, orders, invoices, and transactions to monitor payment status and history. The request payment feature enables merchants to quickly send payment requests to customers. It's mobile-optimized too, allowing customers to pay with bitcoin from any iOS or Android device.

The bitcoin-enabled software is currently available to merchants by invitation and is scheduled to be generally available by the end of next year. To find out more and request an invitation visit the Acromobile website.

Photo Credit: igor.stevanovic/Shutterstock