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Stay safe from smartphone nasties with Avast Antivirus and Security

Data security for your phone consists of more than protecting it from malware and viruses. Oh yes, those things count, but there are many more aspects to consider to keep your all important data safe and sound. Of course, if your handset gets infected or you lose data, it is always possible to do a reset. But then you'd have to reinstall all your apps, and get all your data back on. Why take the risk when Avast can provide a layer of protection and a range of additional features?

Avast has the usual antivirus, malware, adware and spyware features built in. It also provides remote location – handy if you mislay your phone – and a memory wipe service which is handy if it gets stolen. There's also an SMS and call blocker so you can avoid contact from certain numbers, a network monitor to tell you how much data you are using, and rooted handsets can use a firewall.

Some aspects of what's on offer are free, but you have to stump up for the full set of features. Paid for extras include PIN locking to an unlimited number of apps (you get to lock two apps for free), full data backup (the free version limits what can be backed up to contacts, call logs and photos), and more.

Click here to download Avast Antivirus and Security for Android.

Product: Avast Antivirus and Security

OS: Android

Price: Free