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Check your phone too often? Phone Habit Tracker can help tame your mobile addiction

The chances are that your phone is your portal to all your communications and many of your information services. That's great, but do you sometimes feel you check it a bit too much? Do people comment on how many times you get your handset out when you are socialising with them? If so, have you ever wondered how many times you really check your handset, as opposed to how often you think you look at it?

If you feel you have made a bit too much of a habit of grabbing your handset, then installing Checky – Phone Habit Tracker will give you some information to go on, and some help in cutting down if you decide a habit has indeed been formed. The app counts the number of times you check your handset each day. If you find the count is on the high side, you can try to cut down from one day to the next.

Checky is useful as far as it goes, but a bit more development would make it more powerful. I'd like it to tell me how often I use particular apps and for how long. Still, the raw count of the number of times I switch my handset on is a good start, and it might help those who feel they are just a bit too quick to check to resist that urge.

Click here to download Checky – Phone Habit Tracker for Android.

Product: Checky – Phone Habit Tracker

OS: Android

Price: Free