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EMC survey finds 73% worried about keeping pace with big data innovation

UK IT decision makers are concerned that companies doesn’t hold the sufficient IT skills to prepare for the future of big data analytics.

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EMC’s survey of UK IT decision makers found that even though the rollout of next generation technologies is continuing at a rapid pace there is a worry that IT departments will have trouble keeping up.

This led 73 per cent to state that they don’t think they have the IT skills to keep pace with IT innovation, specifically in relation to big data. Despite this, 77 per cent expect next-generation technologies such as mobile, social, cloud and big data to give their company a competitive advantage against rivals.

The top priorities for companies implementing next generation technologies are delivering savings and finding efficiencies [60 per cent], enhancing the customer experience [53 per cent], and automating processes [49 per cent].

Getting permission to implement new technologies is still tricky for IT departments with 43 per cent stating that it is outside their remit even though 70 per cent of companies see IT as a business enabler.

In terms of the future picture for IT within companies, 77 per cent of respondents think that the model department of the future will be an in-house provider of on-demand services including public and private cloud, and platform-as-a-service [PaaS].

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“To remain relevant and competitive, businesses across every industry are reinventing their business models to handle unprecedented levels of access, interaction and scale. For this reason, IT finds itself back in the driver’s seat, morphing from cost center to a true catalyst for change through the use of cloud and Big Data technologies,” added Jeremy Burton, president of products and marketing at EMC.