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Ignore the schmaltzy video: Nokia's latest Lumia publicity stunt is actually pretty cool

If you don't like schmaltzy, gushing videos, turn away now. Microsoft-owned Nokia's latest publicity stunt showing off the power of their flagship smartphone features a video of a watery-eyed James Parr, founder of the Open Space Agency (OSA), talking about how he achieved his boyhood dream to visit the stars - well, not exactly.

Smooshy cheesiness aside, the project is actually pretty cool. OSA and Microsoft have teamed up to create a prototype of the world's first 3D printed observatory called the "Ultrascope", which is powerful enough to take pictures of outer-space. The device will be available to the masses in the next few years.

Budding astronomers at home can download the design and 3D print it at home, then using a smartphone can capture their own pictures of the Universe.

OSA claims the device has "the potential to completely reinvent astrophotography, making it possible to capture professional-grade celestial images, right from your back garden, for a fraction of the price of traditional space telescopes."

Once 3D-printed and assembled, the Ultrascope stands 1m tall when pointed vertically and 65cm wide at the base.

The Ultrascope is currently in beta testing, but 3D plans will be downloadable from the OSA website, which can be 3D printed, laser-cut and assembled in the home. Stay tuned for more updates on the project as they develop!