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Lenovo’s big reveal: YOGA tablet coming to Windows?

Lenovo has revealed that it will be bringing its YOGA tablet range to the Windows operating system (OS).

Earlier this year, Lenovo announced that its latest YOGA release would be running on Android OS and had been influenced by US actor Ashton Kutcher. It is not entirely clear how hands-on the That '70s Show star was, but he apparently helped design and develop the product.

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With speculation growing that Lenovo would also release the tablet running Windows 8, the Chinese firm has all-but confirmed this by announcing that there will be a "big reveal" live streamed tonight from 8pm. The company also posted an image on its Facebook page displaying a black YOGA tablet running the latest Windows OS.

Sources indicate that the device will be available initially as a 10-inch variant, with a 13-inch Pro version likely to be released later in the year. Specs have also yet to be confirmed, but are expected to include an Intel Bay CPU coupled with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD.

Lenovo's YOGA range was originally launched in 2012, and includes hybrid devices that function as both tablets and laptops. Featuring a two-way hinge, the keyboard can be folded all the way back to allow consumers to use the device solely as a tablet, with a lock function ensuring that the exposed keys are disabled.

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Lenovo fans can view the live stream of the YOGA tablet reveal here from 8pm tonight.