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Foxconn founder rubbishes iPhone 6 bendgate affair – it’s all jealous rivals

Terry Gou, the chairman and founder of Foxconn, manufacturer of the iPhone, has claimed that the bendgate affair which sprung up around the iPhone 6 is nothing but a distortion (ahem) perpetuated by jealous smartphone rivals.

According to the Register, Gou told assembled TV reporters to ignore the claims of an overly flexible iPhone, his exact words being: "How can a phone bend? This was all caused by distortions from competitors. Don't blindly listen to it."

Well, Terry, we have news for you – a phone can indeed bend, and bend tests which have been conducted on various handsets in recent times have proved this. Particularly in the case of metal bodied phones like the aluminium iPhone 6 – the real question is, how easily does a phone bend?

Though to be fair to Foxconn and Apple, tests which followed the initial rash of apparently damning YouTube videos showed that the HTC One M8 also bent at the same point the iPhone 6 did in terms of the necessary pressure which had to be exerted on the body.

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Apple has also said there have been very few complaints about bent phones indeed, but that hasn't stopped bendgate from gathering considerable momentum – though there is something which has now deflected attention from the "scandal". Namely hairgate, the new controversy surrounding the iPhone whereby folks are getting their hair caught in the seam between screen and chassis.

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Terry's advice would presumably be along the lines of "get a haircut and a shave, hippy", possibly.

Meanwhile, we're thinking of firing up #fedupgate on Twitter...