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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delayed for the UK, now on sale 17 October

Back in mid-September, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4 was live for pre-orders, with a release date of 10 October.

Well, the sharper amongst you may have noticed that this is today's date – and yet there's no sign of the Galaxy Note 4 being on sale in the UK. Mainly because Samsung has decided to postpone the launch, rather sadly for those who were looking forward to playing with their shiny new phablet this weekend.

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In a reply to one customer (spotted by Shiny Shiny), Samsung announced this fact via its Samsung Mobile UK Twitter account, stating: "Due to the amazing interest and demand for the Galaxy Note 4, the device will now go on sale in the UK from the 17th October."

So now we'll get it at the same time as the rest of Europe, as opposed to a week earlier.

Although quite why amazing demand means the UK release couldn't be today isn't clear – maybe there's been some big cock-up in the distribution department, and this is the cover for it.

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At any rate, it's disappointing for some – and it also means that Google will probably have announced its Nexus 6 phablet (well, it's allegedly 5.9in) before the Note 4 now goes on sale.