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Send and receive large files easily with Send Anywhere

File sharing to and from handsets can be tiresome. Sharing via cloud storage is one option, and there are others. But often services require logins, and might have file size limits. Then there's the fact that if you've used a cloud service to perform a share, you need to remember to remove what you've shared when the recipient has taken it, to save on clogging up your storage.

Send Anywhere is different. You can use it from iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone via an app, and via the web on desktop. Either way, you identify files to send and a six-digit key is generated. The key is valid for ten minutes and there are send options within the app to make it easy to get the key to whoever needs it.

When they've got the key, the recipient either opens the app if they have it installed, or goes to, enters the key, and the download happens. If the sending and receiving devices are close to each other, Bluetooth can be used to make a connection between them.

There's no file size limit and Send Anywhere uses P2P to send your files. They're not stored on a server anywhere, so they're not taking up any storage space, and they're not accessible to any would-be hackers.

Click here to download Send Anywhere for Android, or here for iOS, or here for Windows Phone.

Product: Send Anywhere

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Price: Free