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Mobile phone explodes in woman’s face in China (video)

A female bus passenger was given a nasty shock when the mobile phone she was using exploded and caught on fire in her bare hands as she attempted to change its battery.

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The woman was travelling on a bus in Sichuan province in south west China and bolted for the doors as soon as the device started to go up in flames with fellow passengers quick to run to the hills as well.

Undated CCTV footage shows the woman sat fiddling with her device before a puff of smoke indicates the explosion has taken place and she is seen running off to put out the fairly large fire that has started in her face.

Firefighters were called to the scene shortly after the phone was off the bus, according to IB Times, and it’s reported that the combusting phone caused no injuries.

The passenger can count herself lucky that the exploding phone didn’t cause any more damage, as there have been plenty of instances when smartphones used in conjunction with unapproved third-party peripherals have been fatal.

It was reported in June 2013 that two Apple iPhones exploded, killing a Chinese woman and leaving a man in a coma with non-Apple branded chargers blamed.

Following this, a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner in Hong Kong saw his apartment raised to the round and turned into the apocalypse after the smartphone heated up so much that it set fire to the whole place in another case of third-party accessories being used.

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There’s no evidence that the latest fiery phone is a case of third-party accessories gone wrong though you’d imagine that it is fairly likely given their track record in recent years.

Image Credit: Flickr (juanerre)