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Senior exec "pessimistic" about Apple Pay

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus back in September, one of the main announcements was its entrance into the mobile payments market with the new Apple Pay feature.

Unfortunately for Apple, one of its biggest supporters is not impressed and has publicly expressed an unwillingness to utilise the new app.

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Danny Sullivan, VP of global digital experience at Pizza Hut, voiced his concerns at the 2014 Mobile Shopping Summit last week, "I am more pessimistic about Apple Pay's impact than most people here.

"I had a call with Apple last week and right now it is only a payment system for apps. It is shut off from the mobile web, which I think everyone knows is a bigger part of everyone's business from mobile devices."

The good news for Apple is that the app has also received considerable support, in particular from fashion giant Calvin Klein, who said, "My instinct is it is a game changer.

"The alternative mobile payments space — I read there are 26 different ones — I think this one is going to be the tipping point in the whole process just because there are 500 million iTunes account holders, 22,000 retailers have already signed on and how easy it is to go on iTunes and buy something."

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These mixed signals suggest that, despite Apple Pay being touted by some as revolutionary to the NFC payment market, many businesses still need some convincing.

The same is true for consumers and, although it would be extremely brave to bet against the app being a success, it's clear that Apple still has some work to do.