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Take better photos with the aid of Camera51

How many times has a friend said 'oh, look at these great photos of my holiday', and then shown you a series of poorly composed snaps that you find rather sad? And come on, admit it, are you any better at taking a good quality photo? There are some clear guidelines concerning taking better photos, but some people just don't seem to get them. For such people there's Camera51.

Once installed, use Camera51 as your camera app and it will provide you with on-screen guidance to help you frame a better photo. The app can identify people, lines and objects, and uses its built-in intelligence to help you position these best within the area of your photo by giving you a smartphone icon and an 'aim box' on-screen. Move the handset until the smartphone icon is in the aim box, then click to take your photo.

This might sound bizarre, but it does seem to work. Camera51 is Android only at present, but if you are an iPhone user and like the sound of it, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming iPhone version.

Click here to download Camera51 for Android.

Product: Camera51

OS: Android

Price: Free