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Video: A Step Change In Cooling - Peter Hopton, Founder, Iceotope

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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A number of industry experts and microprocessor vendors are indicating that liquid cooling will be essential in the future of the data center.

Your speaker will explore the new ASHRAE standards for liquid cooling and the industry trends in technology development and customer benefit.

One such trend is the introduction of different liquid cooling technologies into the market which are now capturing more heat into liquids and allowing increasing coolant temperatures.

This appears to be reducing infrastructure complexity and overall cost - could this step change make liquid cooling financially desirable as well as essential?

Peter Hopton



Viewer Takeaways

Liquid cooling may be essential in the next 5 years

A trend exists towards hotter liquids for cooling which increases efficiency

Passive heat capture from data centres is becoming a reality with significant potential for return

Total liquid cooling technologies are interesting due to their reduction in Infrastructure and cost