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Video: Digital Transformation - What is it? And how to do it - Owen PringleOwen Pringle, Former Director of Digital Communications, Amnesty International

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Digitally instigated business transformation is gaining traction in sectors as diverse as fashion to transport to arts & culture, yet there is little agreement over what constitutes digital transformation and there are a multitude of methodologies for doing it. Is the C-suite responding to these challenges and creating fit-for-purpose organisations for the digital age, with the right level of resourcing, leadership and engagement from across the business? Is it time for a radical overhaul of digital practices within industry? Having spent the last two years immersed in this field, Owen will look at the commonalities and sector-specific attributes of business change borne out of digital, as well as the impact on organisational structures, functions and procedures.

Owen Pringle

Former Director of Digital Communications

Amnesty International

Viewer Takeaways

Whether your digital transformation programme is being driven by internal or external dimensions

How to align IT and Digital functions around your transformation programme

Bottom-up vs. Top-down: Why tactical initiatives needn't be a distraction from organisational strategy

Why the customer, not the business, is in the driving seat