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Video: Extending the platform: using APIs to integrate from bricks to bytes - Joseph Brunner, Chief Architect, Cisco

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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There has been significant focus on the use of APIs to integrate across applications and cloud services. However, within the data centre too there is an increasing array of data feeds that lend themselves to API enabled integration. In this case study will look at how Cisco extended its energy management console through a Software Development Kit and how two of its leading partners have taken advantage of this to provide customers with seamless management views.

HOST: Josef Brunner,

Chief Architect, Cisco

Harald Zapp,

CEO, Relayr Inc

Ian Marsden,

CTO, Eseye

Philip Clarke,

Regional Account Manager EMEA, Schneider Electric

Viewer Takeaways

Datacentre energy management is fully software enabled

Using Apis energy elements across the data centre can be integrated

With increasing vendor support, legacy elements' life can be extended

Scripting skills will become part of the data centre professional's CV