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Video: Panel - Is 'big IT' killing innovation, and helping the cyber criminals win?

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Tech Trailblazers

Most product development by cyber security vendors is really just old technology in new tins. Genuine innovation is rare. Meanwhile, global IT companies market expensive services and consultancy options to manage the cyber security threat instead of focusing on security R&D.

So where are the affordable technology breakthroughs the information security community desperately needs to defeat cyber crime? If the giant corporations are too big, too bloated to innovate, does salvation lie in the security start-up community? Probably, but are these businesses getting the support they need? Can they succeed in the market, even disrupt the market, before they become acquired and diluted as part of bigger security businesses?

This special lunchtime panel, made up of Tech Trailblazers judges, will seek to answer these questions and more.

Andrew Rose,Brian Honan,Joshua Pennell,Raj Samani

CISO & Head of Cyber Security,Founder and head,Founder and President,VP Chief Technology Officer EMEA

NATS,BH Consulting,IOActive,McAfee

Viewer Takeaways

Can innovation thrive in the security market?

Does innovation die after acquisition?

Where are the new security vendors coming from?

Get the views of analysts, small vendors and Big IT