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Video: Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC) - Craig Wentworth

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Social collaboration, mobile technology, analytics and big data and cloud computing platforms are creating a huge wave of opportunity for businesses to deliver more compelling customer experiences. But investments in these areas have to be made strategically – as part of an intentional ‘Digital Enterprise shift’. A Digital Enterprise is an organisation which applies a ‘ digital first’ strategy to how it connects to its customers and markets; how it creates and delivers products and services; and how it manages its operations. This session will explain how Social, Mobile, Analytics and Big Data and Cloud are connected, and provide a framework to help architects and decision makers analyse the potential for these technologies in different business domains, and how operations and management systems need to be re-thought in order to make the most of the potential in play.

Craig Wentworth

Principal Analyst

MWD Advisors

Viewer Takeaways

How Social media, Mobile, Analytics and big data, and Cloud computing models (the ‘SMAC’ drivers) are interconnected

How these SMAC drivers in combination can have an explosive effect on an organisation in terms of speed, flexibility, and openness

How Digital Enterprises respond to the SMAC challenge by embracing the digital technologies that power the co-ordination of work, the creation and use of operational and management insights, and the sharing of knowledge – at scale, across boundaries, and in a highly integrated way