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Video: The Politics of Convergence - Dheeraj Pandey, CEO, Nutanix

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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The Politics of Convergence is disrupting traditional datacenter architectures that employ discrete tiers of compute (servers) and storage, which are connected by a dedicated network such as a storage area network (SAN) or a network attached storage (NAS) system.The pace of technology-driven innovation is picking up so fast that Enterprise IT is fighting for relevance in the face of the challenge from public clouds, and traditional approaches are failing them. Hyper convergence is a new approach to deploy, manage and support IT systems that was pioneered in web companies such as Facebook, Google and Netflix a few years ago. Politics can get in the way of fundamental change. This new approach to IT emerged in response to change agents that couldn’t be satisfied with incumbent systems and practices. During this session you’ll hear story and why they are now leading the evolution unfolding in IT.

Dheeraj Pandey

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO Nutanix



Dheeray Pandey from Nutanix discusses:

  • What is true CI, and why should organisations care?
  • How convergence is different from traditional IT?
  • What are some of the key political challenges when deploying CI
  • Selection of case studies from around the world