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5 tips for using Google Search on your smartphone

Google is the undisputed king of the search world on desktop, but for those of you who find yourselves on the move more often than not, you probably use Google on your mobile as much as your laptop.

If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. Here, we will cover five top tips for using Google on your Android or iPhone device. If we've missed anything important out, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

Search with Goggles

We all know how boring typing words can be, so why not search for stuff using your phones camera instead? This can be done on Android through the Google Goggles app, or on an iPhone by opening the Google Search app and selecting Goggles. Next, simply take a picture of whatever it is that you want to search for and wait for the results. No typing necessary.

Search by voice

You can also search the web on your phone by speaking. Tap the microphone symbol in the Google Search app and start talking when you see the "speak now" prompt. You can also say "OK Google" from anywhere in the app to start a voice search, set yourself reminders and get directions. The app is compatible with a range of languages including Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

Search by handwriting

The third and final way to carry out a search without typing is to do it by handwriting. To use this feature, just go to "Search settings" on your phone and select "Enable" in the "Handwrite" section. Once this is done, tap the Handwrite icon on the Google homepage and start writing. As you write, the text will be converted into typeface in the search box.

Get interactive weather

Google can also use your phones location to provide real-time interactive weather reports, both on Android and iPhone. To see a new weather search result, go to or use the Google Search app and search for "weather". The report shows a range of information including temperature, humidity and wind speed and allows you to plan ahead by scrolling through different days and times.

 Search by location

If you're in a rush and need to find somewhere nearby to eat for example, Google can use your phone's location to provide results near to you. For this to work, you have to share your location with the Google Search app and just search for the type of food that you're looking for. If you fancy a pizza, just type it in you'll get business results for pizza places near you.