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JustGiving tops Spotify, Pinterest and Airbnb in the UK

JustGiving has celebrated hitting 10 million users by relaunching itself as a social platform for giving that encourages a higher level of interaction between givers and fundraisers than ever before.

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The updated service lets people see how their friends are giving through a new feed, redesigned profiles and a social notification system all powered by the firm’s GiveGraph giving behaviour analytics.

“Our technology comes to life in the hands of the brilliant people who use it to show they care. So today we’re launching our new social platform: to help people discover and be inspired by the amazing things their friends do for the causes they care about. This new social JustGiving will help charities and their supporters reach more people, inspire more action and raise more money,” stated JustGiving’s founder Zarine Kharas.

In reaching 10 million users, JustGiving has surpassed Spotify, Pinterest and Airbnb in the UK and it owes a debt of gratitude to its deeper integration with Facebook that has driven some $100 million [£62.77 million] in donations to good causes over the past year. It is also the company’s number one referrer by virtue of the fact that it provided 42 per cent of all traffic from the 164 countries that JustGiving operates in.

This has led JustGiving to choose Facebook as its primary social partner and it will work even closer with the social networking site to built on the amount of causes being funded.

Figures released earlier on this year showed that JustGiving helped to raise £294 million for good causes in 2013 and it reported the service is growing at a rate of some 24 per cent per year.

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JustGiving is rolling out its new social platform over the coming weeks and any users that want early access can get it at this link to be given a peek at what the JustGiving of the future will look like.

Image Credit: Flickr (Howard Lake)