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Podcasting gets its Spotify moment through Acast's new platform

Podcast fans pining after a Spotify-esque platform to discover new recordings have had their prayers answered by a new Swedish-owned service that aims to do just that.

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Acast lays on a curated, multidimensional and social platform that brings together podcasts with supporting content such as photos, videos, music and web links plus you can find out about new podcasts through tailored recommendations and testimonials from friends.

“3.2 million Britons listen to podcasts on their smart phones, making it a huge, untapped market in the UK,” explained Måns Ulvestam, CEO and Co-Founder of Acast. “However, as the number of new podcasts explodes, the listener experience remains one-dimensional. This is because there are no additional distribution channels to support and enhance all of these new podcasts. Great user experiences, the potential social interaction, and rich, supporting content are missing. With Acast, all that is about to change: our aim is to reinvent podcasting and with it, audio on demand for all.”

Acast, which has seen 500,000 unique users in its home market of Sweden, has been developed by members of the team behind Spotify and is already home to some 10.5 million streams.

Podcast creators, meanwhile, can use the Acast Create tool’s drag and drop function to insert content such as images, music, videos and web links into podcasts in order to boost the amount of advertising revenue they can earn.

“Before now, podcast creators had no way to attract advertising or monetise their content. At Acast, we want to bring podcasting into the 21st century and empower a new generation of audio content creators to tell their stories. We believe that every good story deserves to be told in the best possible way. And that’s what we do. Acast makes good stories great,” added Karl Rosander, co-founder and head of business development at Acast.

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Among the podcasts that are already offered on Acast include The Football Ramble, The Naked Scientists and Americarnage, and Sony, Universal, Ikea, and McDonalds are already advertising on Acast.Porthole Ad